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PCS Result 2013

Category General
Sr. No. Name Rank
1 Kamaljot Kaur 2nd
2 Sourabh Arora 8th
3 Dr. Simerpreet 16th
4 Geetika Singh 17th
5 Ketan Bansal 18th
6 Robin Bansal 19th
7 Karun Gupta 21st
8 Manu Garg 22nd
9 Samarth Gupta 29th
10 Harinder Singh 32nd
11 Sumit Sharma 37th
12 Neharika 38th
13 Minakshi 44th
14 Hitan Kapila 55th
15 Parminder Kaur 58th
16 Amit Batra 71th
17 Dipika Singh 76th
18 Rajbir Singh 79th
19 Sandeep Kaur 81st
20 Akhil Bansal 83th
21 Sahil Arora 84th
22 Lakshya Kumar 85th
23 Parvinder 86th
24 Anupam Talwar 93rd
Category Freedom Fighter
Sr. No. Name Rank
1 Amanjot Kaur 2nd
Category Sports
Sr. No. Name Rank
1 Jashandeep Gill 1st
2 Ismet Vijay Singh 2nd
3 Harpreet Singh Sidhu 3rd
Category BC
Sr. No. Name Rank
1 Hardeep Singh 2nd
2 Bhupinder Singh 13th
Category BC-LDESM
Sr. No. Name Rank
1 Ashok Kumar 2nd
Category SC
Sr. No. Name Rank
1 Dr. Subhdeep Kaur 1st
2 Daman 3rd
3 Loveleen Kaur 4th
4 Sarbeshwar Singh 16th
Category SC-LDESM
Sr. No. Name Rank
1 Tajeshwar 2nd
Category Physically Handicapped
1 Kulpreet Singh 1st
Category Balmiki/Mazhbi Sikh
1 Kirandeep Kaur 13th
2 Rohit Lotia 22nd

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Student Testimonials

Vipin Itankar -IAS (All India 14th Rank ;Highest rank in the region in 2014 results)
"Dear Narula Sir , i am highly thankful to you for all the support and guidance you had extended to me during my have been with me during my up and down phases . It was difficult to bounce back without your support . Thanks a lot once again sir ..i wish you all the best for future..."

Mohit Garg (IPS)
"Dear Anil Narula sir .i want to give entire credit to you sir .. Please accept my regards and gratitude..i thank the entire team of your institute for my success ...and sir you were the person i always looked up to , whenever i was in trouble. This year i have become IPS i will again try to get good rank to become ias ...thanks once again sir !!!! "

Dinesh Gupta (IPS)
"Respected sir i want to convey my gratituide to your team for my success ... I owe this to you and i wish that you keep on scaling new heights in future ...thanks once again sir .. "

Sahil (HAS-2013 6th Rank)
"DEAR SIR ,i owe my entire success to you...if i had not studied General Studies and Geography from you i would not have achieved what i have achieved now.....thank you so much sir.."

Shilpi Beakta-HAS 2012 3rd Rank
"Sir, thanks a lot for your sincere guidance and coaching ..i had never thought i would be getting such a high rank in my own state exam ...i am highly thank ful to you... please accept my good wishes for your success in future...thanks once again...."

Juhi Mukherjee(IAS)
"Anil Sir's guidance throughout my preparation was the key to my success"

Tanvi Garg(IAS)
"I owe my entire success to Narula Sir."

Dr.Piyush (IAS)
"I Have Been Taking Guidance from Narula sir when was in the first year of MBBS and he always stood by me and had full faith in my Capabilities.. I am expressing my gratitude for helping me get what was my dream .... IAS ..Thanks a Ton sir"

Neha Bansal(IAS)
"Inputs given by Narula Sir IN general studies were of immense help for me."

Irina Masoom(IFS)
Sir's guidance and the ease with which he made our concepts clear was remarkable..thank you sir ..."

Neeraj Soi(IRS)
""Anil Sir has been with me through my up and downs of the preparation and kept on guiding me on the right path.""

Deepak Devrani (IRS)
"Geography optional coaching was really very good and extremely helpful in achieving my goal."

Kanika Aggarwal(IRS)
"Guidance given by Narula Sir has been extremely fruitful . Thanks a lot Sir."

Tavshi Bahal(IFS)
"Timely guidance by Anil sir helped me tremendously for achieving what i wanted to achive"

Laganpreet (IRS)
"But for Narula sir i would not have achived what i achived ..Thank you sir"

"Sir your direction was very helpful in getting me through ....Thank a lot"

Praveen Sekhar(IRTS)
"Test series of anil sir was very helpful in fetching very good marks..."

Dipti Kappor (HAS
"Sir i am highly thank ful to you for every effort you made for my success ...I owe my success to you..."

Ruchika Jain(IPS)
"In my first attempt I got IPS and I owe this success entirely to Narula Sir."